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Holiday Guests

With the holidays flying in, so are our relatives, friends, and guests! From Aunt Janet to Uncle Brandon, from Grandma Judy to Cousin Matthews, your house might be more full and merry than the presents under the tree! And while your home might not be as filled as MaCallister's house from Home Alone (at least we hope not, for your sake), you still have to consider where all these people will have to sleep. And might we remind you that Grandma might not enjoy that 20 year old mattress that she remembers sleeping on from her younger years.

Luckily, Fox Mattress has a wide selection of mattresses that you can choose from that will furnish your guest bedroom handsomely and be equally as comfortable for even the pickiest sleepers. From orthopedic, pillowtop, gel/memory foa,, latex, hybrids and more, we are the largest manufacturer and retailer in central Florida so we have plenty of happy costumers and guests who have found their perfect match, meaning you will as well!

Worried that your northern guests will be uncomfortable in the warm Florida winters? No worries! Our mattresses are especially built for Florida climate since 1968 so they will rest comfortably. When your guests are comfortable, you are comfortable (hopefully!).

With your guest bedroom in top shape, you have one less thing to worry about over the holidays. You can focus on your quality time with your loved ones knowing that they feel more at home with peaceful rest. Call our store and talk to a professional and friendly staff member today!

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