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Does Your Personality Correlate with Your Sleep Preferences?

As it turns out…it just might. Chronotype is your body’s natural inclination to prefer sleep at a certain time. To put it on two ends of the spectrum – are you night owl or a morning bird? In reality, there’s different types of people, some preferring to wake at 5am and others at 7am but both considered to be morning birds. As it turns out, your chronotype is incredibly hard to change to near impossible to change. It’s deeply ingrained into a person’s genetics and quite possibly their personality.

Researchers have found that night owls and morning birds are generally more prone to certain characteristics after matching their sleep schedules to their genetics to a personality test that participants took. They found that night owls tend to be more extroverted and open while early birds tend to be more agreeable and conscientious. Linking this to societal terms which tends to be more early rising, early birds tend to late less and thereby considered more conscientious. Whereas night owls tend to be flexible with time playing into their open-mindedness.

Certainly, personalities are complicated, and some cases do not apply to all people; however, it’s quite interesting to see some people making a connection between sleep patterns and personality.

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