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Common Dreams and Their Meanings Part 1

Some people will tell you that your dreams can be the medium to telling your past, present, and future. That it’s a window into your soul and interpretation can tell you more about yourself. Others will tell you that its bogus. As of now, there is no scientific proof that dreams are anymore than stories our mind creates during REM sleep. However, it’s still fun to read what they might mean. In the next two articles, we will be breaking down common dreams and their interpretations!

Teeth falling out – Teeth and showing it aka someone’s smile is a window into their confidence. Therefore, dreaming about your teeth falling out is said to mean the person is dealing with some form of shame or lack of self-esteem.

Falling – This is an incredibly common dream! Almost everyone has experienced this in one form or another and is considered the most common dream. Usually, the dream is about falling unintentionally and therefore equates to feeling out of control. Perhaps the dreamer is dealing with a sizable project that they don’t know how to start, or they feel like their personal stress is dominating them. If you dream of falling, maybe reflect on some recent stressors in your life.

Being chased – Since you are running away from something when you are being chased, this dream means that you are running away from your problems. Perhaps is something that you have been procrastinating but know that you must deal with.

Pregnancy – Since pregnancy is about growing new life, dreams about pregnancy usually represents growth and change in a positive way. It doesn’t necessary mean that you will become pregnant and it’s possible that you don’t want to be. However, what’s growing in the womb might not be a person but something that you’ve been working towards for awhile now.

Stay tuned for our next blog with four more dream interpretations!

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