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Cities with the Best and Worst Sleep

The Sleep Foundation release an article detailing the best and worst cities for sleep and at Fox Mattress, we want to talk about it. It’s obvious that where you live can impact your sleep. In fact, the factors that affect one’s sleep can go far behind city sounds vs. country peace but also what the city has to offer in terms of overall health.

We know that sleep can affect our health, but our health can also definitely affect our sleep. Sometimes this goes in a never-ending circle where both are compromised or both support each other. The Sleep Foundation looked at all of this (disease, access to healthcare, leisure time) and calculated an overall sleep score which assess a resident’s sleep quality, snore score, and CDC and U.S. Consensus Health Data. Here are the results:

The cities with the best sleep are Seattle, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Denver, Albuquerque, Minneapolis, Portland, Oakland, Anchorage, and Pittsburgh.

The cities with the worst sleep include Corpus Christi, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Fresno, Bakersfield, Miami, Fort Worth, Detroit, Sacramento, and Las Vegas.

What’s the difference? What makes a city better for sleep? The answer is leisure time, percentage of residents with health insurance, percentage of residents who had dental checks in the last year, and percentage of residence with a doctor check in the last year. People in cities such as Seattle have fewer long-term health issues including mental health and they also had 87% of their population reporting having leisure time and 92% of people having health insurance. With more time to take care of themselves as well as access to healthcare, it’s no wonder Seattle sleeps well.

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