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What Does Less Sleep Do to You?

Between balancing a healthy work, social, and family life, we each carry an enormous amount of obligatory responsibility as well as the need to continue with activities that nourish us such as hobbies and passion projects. With all this going on and limited amount of time, sleep is often the first to be sacrificed in an effort to fit everything in one day. So what are the consequences?

For most people, 8 hours is the recommended time for daily sleep and is enough to keep you bright, alert, and ready to take on your day. What happens when you get even 2 hours of less sleep a day? Your alertness levels drop significantly. There was a scientific study where a group of people were asked to hit a buzzer as fast as they can when the color turned from red to green - basically to test their reflex times. Unsurprisingly, the group of people with less sleep had lower reactivity than the group that was well rested. What also occurs when your body is sleep deprived is that it will go through something called microsleeps. This is when the brain shuts off briefly from time to time leading to lapses in attention. This occurs when you are awake so if you are catching yourself staring mindlessly into the void, you might be in a microsleep.

Overall, being well rested is something that improves our productivity, our mood throughout the day, and more. Getting enough good sleep is imperative and at Fox Mattress, we can help you with the first step - getting a comfortable mattress. Call or visit us today to see our vast selection!

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