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New Year: New Night Time Skin Care Routine

In our previous blogs we talked about how sleep is the time where your brain and body heals and regenerates itself, making it such an important part of your day. This is no different for your skin. Sleep is when your skin is regenerated from the damage of the day such as population or UV light. Having a high quality night time skin routine will help you body perform the job it is already doing! Here are 2 tips that you can try before night time for better skin:

1. Apply retinol products during the PM

Retinol is highly photosensitive. Applying anti-aging products during the daytime, especially with extreme sunlight will predispose you to burns making nighttime the ideal period to use your retinol products. If you have to use the product during the day or you accidentally already applied it, just put on some sunscreen to prevent damage.

2. Sheet masks

Sheet masks is a great way to allow product to really absorb into your skin by increasing contact time. Since regular face masks can be expensive, especially if you want to apply them daily, I like to create my own by saturating my serum or any more liquidy face products on cotton face sheets that you can purchase on Amazon.

Match your beauty routine with some beauty sleep that can be made better with Fox Mattress. We have a wide selection of mattresses that is sure to fit your sleeping preference. Rest up and allow your skin to glow with the benefits of peaceful rest. Come visit us or give us a call for prices and recommendations!

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