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Don't Lose, Snooze! Meditation

Okay so you've tried every trick in the hat for falling asleep. You don't engaging in any screen time before bed, you've taken a warm bath, you are reading your book but yet...sleep alludes you. What to do now?

The simple answer - meditation.

The navy practices meditation like activities to help their soldiers fall asleep quickly so that they are well rested no matter their hectic activities. The key is getting your body and mind relaxed. We've broken down the important points of meditation so that you can practice at home.

1. Relax your muscles

Simply thinking about our emotions and feelings will cause us to unconsciously tense our muscles. Go through each muscle group from the your face to your toes and consciously relax them. A helpful tip is to contract that muscle first and then relax them so you physically feel your body unwind. Relaxing your muscles while practicing deep breathing will help you reach a state of peace.

2. Note your thoughts, don't invest in them

During this exercise you should be focusing on your breathing. Thoughts are bound to happen but you don't have to get invested in them. Just take note that they have popped up in your brain and gently let them go.

3. Count or tap

Counting or tapping your fingers to the rhythm of your breathing can help stabilize your thoughts and prevent any distractions.

Meditation is all about practice. There is no instant gratification and more often than not, they end in some kind of frustration during the first few times. However, with time, you will soon see the benefits. Not only will you become more mindful, but you will fall asleep faster!

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