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Introducing The Cube-It Bed By Fox Mattress

Fox Mattress Cube-It Bed
Fox Mattress designs Cube-It bed

We at Fox Mattress continue to stay current with new innovative designs for our mattresses specially made towards your comfort at the best price possible.

One huge benefit of having our own manufacturing factory is we are able to design custom mattresses you will not find anywhere else. Please join in our excitement as we launch our new design, the “Cube-It” bed. This mattress is custom fit for YOU.

We cannot count how many times we have heard that our customers’ sleeping partners have opposite preferences of comfort in a bed. One person likes it firm, and the other likes it soft. What do you do? We now have the solution. Each mattress can be custom designed with 6 different individual support cubes that range from soft to extra firm in THREE regions. — head, mid-section, and feet. And the best part is each side can be custom for you AND your partner. As your needs change, the cubes can change.

We continue to provide affordable luxury since 1968, and invite you to stop in and check out our new design. 1966 N Nova Rd, Holly Hill, FL 32117. 386-677-3752.

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