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How to Sleep Better (Part 5)

We’ve finally reached the last part of our five-part series! After you are an expert in these 10 tips, hopefully you are able to rest easier at the end of the day and maybe you’re able to help a friend or a family member out as well!

Tip #9: Don’t stress in bed if you can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes.

This is something many of us struggle with during sleepless nights. We know we need to sleep but we can’t sleep so we are stressed out about not being able to sleep! Unproductively, our stress over not sleeping is preventing us from falling asleep. In cases such as this, instead of staying in bed fretting over the same emotions, try doing mundane tasks such as cleaning, reading, or listening to a bland podcast.

Tip #10: Sleep in a cold environment.

Ideal sleeping temperature is 65F which might be a lot colder than what many of us set our home to. Many of us can relate to the joy of wintertime and snuggling under a very warm blanket. If you want to save some utilities when it’s not naturally cold outside, you can use a fan at night to reach ideal temperatures.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! If you are looking for a new, more comfortable mattress to help you sleep look no further than Fox Mattress! We at Fox Mattress are committed to your health and having an amazing rest. If you want to increase the quality of your sleep, check out our store to try our premium 2-sided flip mattress today!

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