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How to Sleep Better (Part 3)

Welcome to part three in our five-part series! We’re halfway there and hopefully some of these tips are help you all out there sleep better. If you haven’t checked out the previous parts yet, don’t forget to after reading this portion.

Tip #5: Do not nap in the mid afternoon onwards.

While a mid afternoon nap might sound amazing during the afternoon slump, try, if you can, to hold over until your designated bedtime. This will hopefully help you fall asleep better and get a deeper sleep. If you really need a power nap and it’s past the time where caffeine will be helpful for you, try to get in shorter periods. 20-minute power naps have been shown be the perfect time to rest without going into deep sleep. Going into deep sleep is what affects our nighttime sleep as well as contributes to feeling groggy when waking up from a nap.

Tip #6: Avoid consistently drinking alcohol near bedtime.

Alcohol is one of the major suppressors of REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep which is the deep sleep we talked about in the previous tip. During this phase of sleep is when memories are formed and many of the benefits of sleep is achieved. If you are craving a tall drink, try to have it earlier in the day.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! If you are looking for a new, more comfortable mattress to help you sleep look no further than Fox Mattress! We at Fox Mattress are committed to your health and having an amazing rest. If you want to increase the quality of your sleep, check out our store to try our premium 2-sided flip mattress today!

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