New Year: New Night Time Skin Care Routine

In our previous blogs we talked about how sleep is the time where your brain and body heals and regenerates itself, making it such an important part of your day. This is no different for your skin. Sleep is when your skin is regenerated from the damage of the day such as population or UV light. Having a high quality night time skin routine will help you body perform the job it is already doing! Here are 2 tips that you can try before night time for better skin: 1. Apply retinol products during the PM Retinol is highly photosensitive. Applying anti-aging products during the daytime, especially with extreme sunlight will predispose you to burns making nighttime the ideal period to use your ret

Holiday Guests

With the holidays flying in, so are our relatives, friends, and guests! From Aunt Janet to Uncle Brandon, from Grandma Judy to Cousin Matthews, your house might be more full and merry than the presents under the tree! And while your home might not be as filled as MaCallister's house from Home Alone (at least we hope not, for your sake), you still have to consider where all these people will have to sleep. And might we remind you that Grandma might not enjoy that 20 year old mattress that she remembers sleeping on from her younger years. Luckily, Fox Mattress has a wide selection of mattresses that you can choose from that will furnish your guest bedroom handsomely and be equally as comfortab

Get into the Habit of Great Sleep

As the new year is approaching, everyone making their new year resolutions, most of which are activities that involve creating a new habit. For many of us, that might include getting longer and more restful sleep. This is a great new habit since good sleep creates a better mind and headscape to go about our days more productively and happily. It also creates the perfect breeding ground of more good habits. So how do we create the habit of better sleep? A study showed that 45% of our daily activities are automatic, meaning our brains are trained to perform a specific activity at a specific time and location. This can be brushing your teeth, meal times, and gym habits. When we do an activity l

Your New Year in Comfort

The swing of the holidays is in full motion and before you know it New Year's Eve will be upon us. Whether you enjoy going into the New Years with streamers, adult beverages, and tons of glitter. Or prefer celebrating in your pajamas with a hot beverage and watching the ball drop on TV, everyone at some point will consider how they would like the next year to pan out. With new year's resolution making coming up, there is actually an interesting fact about how you should be making them. A study has shown that saying your resolutions out loud or broadcasting them on social media will actually lower your chances of completing them. This is because you get a level of satisfaction just by telling

Don't Lose, Snooze! Does Beauty Sleeping Work?

Let's be honest, we've all pulled an all nighter before. While some of us might have spent it anxiously cramming for an exam, getting a work project finished, or just deep talking with our best friend, we can all agree that we do not feel well if we did not catch any z's for 24 hours. But more than that, we feel like we look as awful as we feel! Scientific articles have actually proven that the lack sleep will manifest on your face through characteristics such as red eyes, wrinkles around the eyes, swelling, squinter eyes, paleness, and more. Sound familiar? They are the same features as you might have if you were sick! The take-home message is that beauty sleep is in fact real and can be so

Don't Lose, Snooze! Meditation

Okay so you've tried every trick in the hat for falling asleep. You don't engaging in any screen time before bed, you've taken a warm bath, you are reading your book but yet...sleep alludes you. What to do now? The simple answer - meditation. The navy practices meditation like activities to help their soldiers fall asleep quickly so that they are well rested no matter their hectic activities. The key is getting your body and mind relaxed. We've broken down the important points of meditation so that you can practice at home. 1. Relax your muscles Simply thinking about our emotions and feelings will cause us to unconsciously tense our muscles. Go through each muscle group from the your face to

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